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Why Experiences make the best Christmas gifts in 2020

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We all know someone who likes wine, right? There are those with a genuine interest in wine and where it’s from, how it’s made, and how it pairs with food. And those who like the look of a bottle, or always tend to go for a high end Chablis or Barolo. Not necessarily a wine snob, but someone who knows what they like, and likes what they know.

There is so much variety in wine, which is why it’s such a fascinating industry to be part of. The difference in wine from the same grapes picked in neighbouring vineyards or on opposite sides of the world is astonishing – never mind the differences each year gives you! All of this combined makes choosing the perfect bottle as a gift such a challenge.

In previous years, we’ve maybe spent time hunting down a particular favourite bottle of wine to gift someone, or finding some useful wine accessories or wine related gifts to wrap up alongside it. Wine is a perfect gift for foodies and wine lovers, Christmas hosts and for that difficult person as part of Secret Santa as it is something to be enjoyed there and then.

There is an alternative - gift experiences offer something more. They are a gift of anticipation, and a gift of memories. Also, more importantly in 2020 than ever before, it gives the opportunity for more social interaction as experiences are often shared with others. And, a gift experience won't break, create waste or clutter up cupboards.

Welcombe Hills Vineyard, like many business in the UK, have risen to the COVID-challenge over the last 6 months and changed the way we worked in order to offer socially-distanced vineyard tours and wine tasting events throughout the summer. This provided a safe place for families to see each other, whilst still adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

Who wouldn’t like a unique wine gift knowing they’d be able to share it with friends and family next year? Alongside our vineyard tours, we’ve also added some other gift experiences for the wine enthusiast……..

Adopt a Vine Package, from £50

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about English wine! This Adopt a Vine gift box includes all the information for claiming this gift, including:

o 2 places on a Vineyard tour and tasting –guided vineyard tour and tutored tasting of 4 of our award-winning wines

o A certificate of adoption

o Your name plaque on the vine

o Regular updates and photographs on the growing season

o Invitation to harvest.

o A complimentary bottle of the wine produced from the vine

Grow Your Own Micro Vineyard, from £20

Brand new to our gifting range, and only available until May 2021, is the opportunity to grow your own vineyard in the back garden!

Join us in our journey as we plant Bacchus and Pinot Noir vines this spring. We provide full care and cultivation instructions, and useful videos along the way. And, we’re always available to answer any oenological questions!

It will take a few years before you can harvest the grapes, but for every 2kg you pick you can expect a bottle of wine back (at cost of production).

Our beautiful gift box contains all the info on how to register and collect the vines from Welcombe Hills Vineyard in May 2021.

The package includes

  • Commercial graded Pinot Noir or Bacchus vine(s)

  • Metal stake(s) to train the vine for each one ordered

  • Plant protector(s) for each vine

  • Yearly update on how to grow and develop your vine(s).

Vineyard Tours and Tastings, from £15

Our Vineyard Tour and Tasting events run every year from May to September, and are held at Welcombe Hills Vineyard just outside Stratford-upon-Avon. Each event runs for approx.. 1½ - 2 hours with a guided tour of the vineyard, followed by a tasting of 4 of our award-winning wines. Vouchers are valid for the whole of the 2021 season, and dates will be released just before the end of the year.

Or, for something a bit different....

If you did want to play it safe and stick to the traditional “bring a bottle” gift, why not surprise them with a bottle of our English Grape-Infused gin – Grin? Or grab a “Cheeky Grin” as a grown-up stocking filler!

Our wine gifts packs also make a great accompaniment to the Christmas Day feast – more details on them soon!

There’s no doubt about it – Christmas 2020 is going to be unlike any other. More than ever, it will be about spending time with our loved ones and creating memories for years to come.

“With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come.”

William Shakespeare

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