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You are new to skateboarding and you are overwhelmed with the wide range of skateboard decks on the market. You have read a lot of articles about tips to choose the best skate deck; however, you are still unsure about these choices.

Therefore, in this article I will show you some typical criterias to consider when buying any deck for your skateboard. Also, if you are interested in this sport and want to find out more advice and tips, don’t hesitate to take a look at SkateAdvisors which is a popular skateboarding website among skaters.

Although you have fully understood the construction of the deck, you need to determine which type of deck you want for your usage. Choosing a good deck required careful consideration about different factors as follows:

Size of the deck: depending on the purposes, you should choose the size which can fit the height and weight of your body. Moreover, for newbies it is recommended that they get the larger deck so that there will be more space for the feet.

Shape: the decks come with a lot of different shapes on the market. Each of them has its own function and advantages. By determining the style of skateboarding you want to follow, you can choose the suitable deck that meets all the needs.

Other factors: there are a number of less important factors but still needs to be taken into account which are wheel shaft lining, wheel shaft height, axles between wheels and slides, slide table shape and the size of the sliding table.

To choose a good deck, you need to understand thoroughly about the construction of the deck and the advantages and limitations of each material that makes up the deck. If you are not sure about any part in a product, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the sellers or you can visit SkateAdvisors to get more information.

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